Some more BP mustang pix

20 02 2009

Here are some more pictures Deb Borches sent along of some of the other Border Patrol mustangs – two pictures show them tacked up in their finery and ready to go (or maybe afterward?), and one shows a couple of the boys enjoying some “down time.”

Josie, Okanogan and Ike

Josie, Okanogan and Ike

Boy, they sure do clean up nice, eh? One thing that struck me when I saw them in the parade was how shiny they were. Those agents sure put the elbow grease (or the Show Sheen!) to those boys before their big march!

Josie was gathered from the Twin Peaks HMA in California and is stationed in Curlew, Wash. Okanogan was gathered from the Crooks Mountain HMA in Wyoming and is stationed in Oroville, Wash. Ike was gathered from the McCullough Peaks HMA in Wyoming and is stationed in Whitefish, Mont.



I think Nash is “Kootenai” on the BLM’s information page. He was featured in a Western Horseman article about “Project Noble Mustang” and is the namesake of our apricot dun mare, Kootenai, introduced from Sand Wash Basin with Raven and Mona. Nash was gathered from Sand Wash Basin in northwestern Colorado and is stationed at Oroville, Wash.

Okanogan and Nash

Okanogan and Nash

Okanogan looks pretty fierce here, eh? 🙂 Okanogan and grey mustang Bullet led their group during the inauguration parade and looked so handsome and at ease with all the hoopla!

Thanks again, Deb, for sending these photos! I’d like to ask readers to also think about the Border Patrol agents who partner with the mustangs while enjoying these photos. Many of them are not only law-enforcement officers, they are also horsemen. Whatever you may think about the politics of protecting our nation’s borders, remember that these guys (and gals) aren’t doing their jobs from an office, and their hours aren’t 9-to-5. How many of us would like to spend even part of our job atop a mustang? I say rock on, folks, and thank you for proving the value of our wild horses!



2 responses

20 02 2009
Lea Williams

Our friend Dick Graham is with the Border Patrol and rode in the front row. I am not sure what horse he rode. He loves the mustangs and brags about them. He is in Oroville, WA. We always have a good chat about mustangs whenever we get the chance. I am near Spokane.

21 02 2009

Wow, how cool! After riding in the inauguration parade – ON a mustang – I guess he has a lot to brag about! Next time you talk with him, please ask about Justice – he’s our boy from Spring Creek Basin.

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