More Justice

13 01 2009
Check out this link, forwarded to me earlier today by Bob Ball (thanks!). It shows pictures of all the horses going to Washington, D.C., with the Border Patrol for the inaugural parade and has biographies of the agents. The site also lists which herd management area each horse came from and where they’re stationed now with the Border Patrol:
And here are a couple more photos of Justice:
Justice as renegade

Justice as renegade

This photo was taken in early June 2008 by BLM herd area manager Bob Ball. Justice is outside the west boundary fence, and the picture is taken looking east. You can see the green storage tank at the water catchment in the background.

Justice with his trainer
Justice with his trainer

This photo, taken by Fran Ackley, Wild Horse and Burro Program leader for the BLM in Colorado, shows Justice with the inmate who trained him. He started training Justice to carry a flag when they thought he might be a candidate for the Border Patrol. The inmate’s face has been darkened to protect his privacy.



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