Only mama knows

30 06 2008


A picture is worth a thousand words, eh?


Left-side belly …


Right-side belly …

Only Alpha knows when baby is coming. The rest of us just have to wait!


Jif with Two Boots and Twister. She’s back with Grey/Traveler’s band. She’s thinner, and she’s limping on her left front, but she seems to be doing all right. She’s keeping up with the band, and that’s always a good thing. It’s hard to tell the extent of her injury; it was hard to even pinpoint her injured leg. I thought it was her left, then it looked like her right … I’m pretty sure it’s her left. But I also saw her take three to four steps that looked completely sound – before she stumbled and almost went to her knees.

Iya nursing Houdini

Lunch break

Bachelor 7 in the basin

Most of the Bachelor 7 (minus Mouse) with the basin in the background – looking southeast. Not all you see is in the herd area, but a lot of it is. From left: Kreacher, Chrome, Aspen and Comanche. You can just see Hook’s mane and Duke’s head behind the other horses.


Duke. He seems to be doing well, hanging out again with the Bachelor 7, who are all still practically part of the family of Steeldust’s band.

Now to really freak you out …

Baby collared lizard

I think this is a baby collared lizard. Check him out, all puffed and preened! I saw this lizard when another one raced across the road in front of my Jeep and led me to the rock this one’s on. They both disappeared under the rock.

Female collared lizard

Given this one’s muted coloring, I think this is probably a female collared lizard.

Bull snake

Bull snake? Pretty cool, really!

All we can do is wait for Alpha. She’ll foal when she’s darn good and ready to foal!



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