Pinto ponies – Sunday, May 25, 2008

26 05 2008

Pinto family

Saw the pinto family way to the south from the southwestern side of Round Top, so this afternoon I drove down the county road to hike in and find them. As it turned out, they found me.

I was walking from some trees into an open area when Kiowa and Spook came trotting out of the trees to my left – toward me. I dropped my backpack and fumbled for my camera, and by the time I got it out, all the family members had caught up. That’s everyone above but Reya, who was just to the left behind a tree (from left: Chipeta, Shadow, Bruiser, Spook and Kiowa). They milled around for just a few minutes, then took off again.

Kiowa and Spook

I’m still not sure of Spook’s gender, either.

“Spook” was the name of a pinto stallion that was introduced to the herd several years ago. I had been told about him … but forgot. The name obviously stuck with me, though. I told someone about the foal and naming it Spook, and she reminded me. Duh! Most assuredly related and carrying on.

Pinto family

After they ran off, I kept walking. I had started to think I wasn’t going to find them and was on my way back to the county road. But then they surprised me again – they had stopped out in the next open area. Reya and Shadow at left, and Spook, Kiowa and Bruiser.

Pinto family

Spook, Kiowa and Bruiser.

Good things happen to those who walk up and down hills and through arroyos.



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