Welcome, Iya – Tuesday, April 29, 2008

29 04 2008

Houdini, Iya and Two Boots

Finally the wait is over! Houdini foaled Sunday morning. Take a look at that big girl, and you’ll see why it took Houdini a little extra time to grow her baby!

David Glynn visits the wild horses from his home near Telluride with his ground-covering horse, Buck (a Tennessee Walker, if I remember right?). He was in the basin this past weekend, and found Houdini on Sunday with her foal, which he named Iya, which means “a fabulous creature” in Lakota, he said. When he saw them, Iya was just a few hours old!

Houdini is Grey/Traveler’s mare now, but last spring she was with another grey stallion I called Junior because he looked so much like Grey. Junior and his band (minus Houdini and Two Boots) were gathered in August. Iya is sorrel now, but she’ll definitely turn grey; her legs are grey, and you can see grey already on her head. She has a bald face that extends over her eyes and over both nostrils and onto her chin. She also has a little spot at the top center of her forehead. She has a right hind stocking and a curious little “strip” of grey on the front of her left gaskin. She inherited her mother’s head, but she has the cutest little curly-tipped ears I’ve ever seen! You can see them pretty well in the top photo.

Houdini and Iya with band

The basin is so green now! OK, so it’s not, say, Kentucky, with its blue-grass hills. But it’s green! I do love spring.

Our Dolores Bears baseball team traveled to Nucla today for double-header varsity games (which I covered as sports photog for my paper). It just so happens that the herd area is right on the way to Nucla, so I stopped for about an hour and a half to visit. And by the way, our boys won both games (9-3, 16-0) to secure their spot as league champs! Go Bears!



2 responses

30 04 2008
Barb Headley

Yay, a new filly in our wild horse herd! She does look like a nice one.
I love reading your accounts of the herd, it’s just like sitting around the campfire swapping yarns. Thanks for keeping us all up to date, TJ!

30 04 2008

If Alegre’s foal is, indeed, a filly, there are THREE new fillies in the basin! After getting those initial photos of her and her foal, I don’t want to get too close to her again; I don’t want to risk her going into a wild gallop and the foal not keep up or something. But I zoomed way in on those initial photos and think she’s a she. 🙂 She and the foal and Bounce were farther up the hill when I went out to see Grey’s (Traveler’s) band yesterday.
After all the mares foal this season, I’m going to take a vacation from work and documentation (and give the wild horses a break from me!), and go home where I can be with my own horses! When I get back, I’ll take you out, and we can swap yarns in person!

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