Resting pause

10 02 2020


After the sun had set, Killian finally gave me a look. The very cutest look. 🙂

Going high

9 02 2020


This was my first glimpse of the moon two nights ago – already very high in the sky above Corazon and Maiku. In the next few shots I took, it was overtaken by clouds.

Trivia: February’s full moon is called the Snow Moon by Native Americans because it usually appears during heavy snow. … It would be GREAT if it snowed here heavily (or at all) while the moon was full!

You can see how late it is; the horses and I are in sunset shade, and the far northern ridges above the basin are glowing in the very absolute last slip of sunlight.

That said, “late” is getting later as we slide toward spring. This “late” was around 5:30 p.m.


8 02 2020


Yeah, it was kinda like that last night.

After-snow glow

7 02 2020


How is it that he always glows? The storm was just passing, and the sunshine was spreading through the clouds and snow. And Hayden was looking handsome … as he does. 🙂

Tiny shelter

6 02 2020


It’s impossible to see in this pic, but it was snowing. Really! Terra was trying to keep her butt to the wind – and the snow – using that poor little tree as a buffer. It didn’t work very well … especially when Piedra booted her from her “shelter” just a few seconds later. 🙂

Caught’cha nappin’

5 02 2020


Yesterday morning, this scene – other than black beauty girl Shadow – was all white.

No matter that the air temperature didn’t hit the magic number of 32. That ol’ Colorado-high sunshine can melt the frostiest snow. Especially when it’s not much more than an inch-or-so dusting.

We *heart* Sundance

4 02 2020


Is it just me, or does that bit of a mud smudge on Sundance’s belly look like a little heart?

We were surrounded by mustangs here; there are some in the background, not really visible from this angle, and there was a band behind me. He’s looking in their direction, though he couldn’t see them over the hill.

He was completely calm … grazing along, eating some snow. Plenty to go around. 🙂 This is in the far eastern part of Spring Creek Basin; it’s a bit higher, and there’s more lingering snow.