7 09 2019


Madison and Temple are never very far away from each other. Interestingly, their mamas also are besties.

Shadow and light

6 09 2019

Shadow; Brumley Point and Temple Butte

Shadowlita again because, wary as she is, she does tend to get herself into positions that showcase some of Spring Creek Basin’s amazing horizons. 🙂 Here, Brumley Point and Temple Butte.

Wild rocker

5 09 2019


I like to tell people that our mustangs are rock stars.

Storm decided to go a bit punk. 🙂

Pretty poser

4 09 2019


Gotcha, mistress. 🙂

She grazed her way over a slight rise, beyond which I was waiting. Chipeta isn’t the easiest pony to capture on film (or digital media), so I’m always happy to get a pic of her doing anything but walking away or with her behind toward me!


3 09 2019


Plump, pretty Tesora shows off her belly dapples.

Wait, belly dapples?! What?!

I can’t explain ’em, but there they are. 🙂 Many of the horses are dapply this year with thriving good health.

Light, life, lovely

2 09 2019


The world is glorious.

I’m sure you all agree. 🙂

Kinda hot

1 09 2019


Shadow girl is looking curvaceous and shiny these summer days.